Laurel Wilson is a 4th degree black belt in aikido. She earned her belt under the auspices of Suginami Aikikai and Hombu Dojo.

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Students in good standing have the option to test. Promotions recognized by Suginami Aikikai and, for black belt levels, Hombu Dojo.

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  • Weapons seminars for 1-5: camping; jo, tanto, bokken; dark skies and silence.
  • Gasshuku seminars for 1-5.
  • Lessons for 1 to 25: birthdays, events, short term series, or on-going.
  • Target and bully recovery practice.
  • Homeschool PE co-ops.
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Since 1993

If you are fabulously rowdy, we'll wrassle at a mutually comfortable and safe level. This might leave a mark or knock the wind out of us. If you want lively, flexible sword work, we'll cross blades. If you are fabulously neurodiverse and struggling with communication or physical contact, we'll start where you're comfortable.

I taught school for a huge range of student abilities and talents from 1991-2017. I was an alternate for the Olympic women's fencing team in 1984. I began aikido in 1991.

I welcome all ages, abilities, and interest levels.

Desert Willow Aikido is an Arizona non-profit corporation dedicated to foster national and international sports by teaching & practicing aikido; to hold international aikido seminars in Arizona; to guide aikido students on international training trips; to involve aikido students in volunteer community projects.

Real Human

Contact me and I, a real human, will get back to you.

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