Japan and Reality

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Digging into photos from October’s world tour, I realize a few things.

Unless I am at my mother’s table, the concentration of people I love is highest in Japan.

The excitement, challenge, opportunity, lifestyle outside of the city, cultural ethics, recognition of my best qualities, spirit, magic, and availability of inspiring teachers is highest in Japan. It feels like becoming a character in a video game, except it is my real life, my real friends, my real skills, and my real adventures.

Then I go home and, except for the glorious desert that feeds my soul, wonder why.

Then I get the pictures organized for the blog, see all the loved people and memories, feel bereft, and have to exercise my maturity *hard*.

For me, aikido is mostly spirit work these days.


Wilson by H. Sasaki

1,000 cuts

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Talking at a seminar, I suggested 1,000 cuts per day for a year as a transformative practice. I have a pretty detailed routine for the 1,000 cuts and folk were interested. I’ve finally recorded the 10 different cuts (100 each, changing direction and hands every 25, first 50 in place and last 50 moving forward and backward). I’m working on the editing and titles now. Hopefully posted soon.

When it rains it pours…

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Back on the mat and in training. After a very long time with no news at all, I am happy to report flow has returned. There is a seminar with Japanese teachers in Texas in September and an invitation to meet a new Japanese dojo at a seminar in California in November. It’s a definite yes on one and a very hopeful probably on the second. How nice it will be back among international friends and training partners! I have longed for it in the last few years.

Training in the heat

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You can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk. Dehydration can lead to marginal awareness, reduced reactions, and therefore injuries.


Train gently. Train in a cool place. Train at night.


I’ve heard research that thinking your way through a physical activity, even when physically still, improves physical performance.


Train in your head.

Board Meeting

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Desert Willow Aikido’s non-profit corporation status is up for renewal late this summer. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. Deadline is August 15.

DIP Joint Saga

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Hello, all:


You’d be amazed at how involved this little appendage is in training!pinkyxray


Summer classes are cancelled while this little pin holds my DIP joint stable. Hopefully I get a finger I can train with in 6 weeks when we pull the pin.


All I did was catch an expected basketball and allow it to tap the end of my pinky.


In the mean time, I’ll get to work on the website updates and schemes to fund a travel-to-train lifestyle.