Laurel Wilson is a yondan (fourth degree black belt) and has been training in Aikido since 1992. She is a credentialed teacher in Arizona with 25 years of classroom experience.

Her rank was awarded under the auspices of Hombu dojo with the support of Suginami Aikikai.

She began aikido at San Jose State University with Jack Wada-Sensei and continued learning from him at Aikido of San Jose for ten years.

lsw bokkenWhile there, she trained happily with Kato-Sensei and Robert Frager, Peter Ralls, SueAnn McKean and Brian Heery among many others.

Her training continued at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Aikido with Robert Frager-Sensei, in Japan with Kato-Sensei, and in the ocean and wilderness with Brian Heery and Rocky Valley Aikido._dsc7374owenszd

She moved to Arizona and began Desert Willow Aikido. She enjoyed training with Kokoro Aikido at Martial Arts of Tucson with David Shanstrom and his students. She also enjoys Aikido of Tucson with Mike Hazard-Sensei, Aikido at the Center, and the lovely folks at Aikido of Phoenix.

_dsc8464owenszdShe trained with Kato-Sensei over 15 years during several trips to Japan, a trip to Europe, her gasshuku in Arizona, and several trips in California. He hosted her for a visit to Hombu dojo in Tokyo, where she has trained with Dosshu a few very memorable times.

At her dojo in Mammoth, Arizona, she volunteered locally with underprivileged youth, taught aikido classes, and hosted retreat seminars featuring the gorgeous Arizona wilderness.

She is now spending most of her time traveling as a wandering warrior mystic. She attends all the seminars she can, runs all the seminars she can, and focuses on her goals: train, teach, travel, make friends, create world peace.

Kato-Sensei’s genius: his assignment for me was exactly what I wanted to do anyway.