Requirements subject to change at examiner’s discretion.

Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.



Black belt candidates

I will push your mind, body, and spirit. I expect you to push yourself past your limits and grow where your secret challenges lurk. No easy passes.

Your rank will be verified through Suginami Aikikai, awarded through Hombu Dojo, and recognized world wide.

Requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • All techniques on the test grid
  • Additional techniques as prescribed by the instructor: usually including knife work, weapons taking, reverses, high falls, variations, gyuwaza, randori, performance of Kato-Sensei’s misogi no jo, and a list of 10 prescribed paired weapons forms
  • Ongoing attendance greater than 5 years
  • Persistent and current dues or work study
  • At least four hours per week supervised training measured over at least a year
  • Sufficient health and athleticism to participate fully in a two hour class with black belt level training partners and to perform a 45 minute test
  • Active participation in Desert Willow Aikido’s peaceful service mission
  • Clear evidence of energetic effort and progress towards self-mastery in personally meaningful challenges
  • My good opinion